Brutal Assault 2019 is SOLD OUT

August 7, 2019 – August 10, 2019 all-day

The festival is are completely sold out and we can only expect one of the best editions of the festival this year!!


The festival is still a month away but the ticket capacity has again already been depleted and there will be no more tickets for sale. All of our 5 stages and 130+ artists now have a list of their dedicated fans. The only chance devoted fans have is trying to buy a ticket from a person that has to cancel the trip- but please beware any possibilities of a scam! The other one is generating your own poster, so try it out as soon as possible:


The pure beauty of the festival formula is proven by the majority of attendees that travel from foreign and often very distant countries to take part in BA despite intense competition in our field. The diversity of the festival area that is similar to a small town with all of its catacombs, squares, cafés, bars, streets and shady recesses is a factor enabling comfortable stay and rest during the whole festival.

After 24 years, Brutal Assault has put Czech Republic on the world map of premium metal events, despite the fact that it’s lineup is uniquely curated and it’s not based on all-capturing mass-attracting headliners. The attractive lineup is only part of the success as it’s complemented by the interesting location of a historic military fortress, the accompanying art program and great ‘bang for your buck’ ratio. Queues are surely not comfortable, but you can avoid them by using fulfilment service.


Brutal Assault will once again be an celebration of non-generic extreme art and of all shades of dark followed by all sorts of events, exhibition and all forms dark art has to offer.