TALES OF EVENING, Nova Prospect, Leecher, A38 Hajó, Budapest, 26.10.2019.

October 26, 2019 all-day
The latest tour, TALES OF EVENING, popularizing its third album, “In the Wake of the Light,” visited 10 major cities nationwide in 2019. The band’s final stop will be on Budapest’s A38 Ship on October 26, 2019.

Online ticket sales for the event have started and now you can get your limited edition Early Bird ticket for a very low $ 1,500.

Ticket sales:

The Tales of Evening has been on the road since 2011, which they began to show off their special musical world, the intertwining of melodic metal and fabulous lyrics. The orchestra playing symphonic metal is already a regular member of Hungarian rock and metal festivals and events. Since their inception, they have produced three albums and numerous video clips. They are currently working on their first English-language album. The concert promises unique visuals and a program of the best songs from three albums.

Nova Prospect and Leecher will be special guests this evening.

Following on from tours in Hungary and abroad in recent months, Leecher, who combines symphonic metal with the unique sound of cellos, will be debuting his second studio album in Budapest this fall, pushing the boundaries of the genre further.