God save Psihomodo Pop



Open air concert venue Šalata was set on fire on a marvelous celebration of  35 years of existence of Psihomodo Pop and 30th anniversary of the legendary album “Godina Zmaja” (“Year of the Dragon”) on a concert held on 2 June 2018 in Zagreb. Davor Gobac and all other band members gave their all and proved that they only get better with passing of the years as their perfect scene and music performance showed that being a bit older isn’t a matter of years, but only a matter of a determination to keep the young spirit within the band forever.


The band hasn’t lost their edge at live performances and the frontman Davor Gobac has confirmed his status as a croatian greatest performer and entertainer as his wild stage acts and the way the always knew how to fire up the whole audience. The band represented the best a greatest croatian pop punk rock band has to offer. The frontmen, Davor Gobac, is probably the greatest croatian entertainer as he managed to repeatedly shock the public with his wild performances and specific provocative outbursts which is somewhat hard to believe at this age- when hardly anything can shock us anymore, so he is probably one of the greatest frontman from this geographical area. The band itself offers specific and recognisable sound but could be partially described as “Rolling Stones meets Ramones” as the authenticity of a raw punk and rock energy mixed with provocative rebellious spirit really proves that Psihomodo Pop has evolved into a genuinely great and unforgettable band.

The concert gave an excellent overview over the highly successful career of the band that was formed in 1983 and is considered as a one of the most successful pop punk rock groups in Croatia. They have truly earned a status of a cult group as we all like to be reminded at their international success  initially due to the music video for their single being played by MTV. Soon after the band held foreign tours, out of which the most successful ones were in the former Soviet Union and Netherlands and even played as the opening act for The Ramones. The band continued their success in Croatia by releasing ten albums which were recognised both by the audience and majority of the critics and won several national Porin awards for best singles and best Rock album of the year.


The concert which lasted almost 3 hours was like an amazing time machine and blasted the whole audience back into those perfect days when life still looked simple and full of endless opportunities- even the oldest fans could easily forget their real age and feel 16 again just like their song “Kad sam imao 16”- reminds us. The concert started on a smaller stage to remind the audience and the band at their beginnings when the band started performing at smaller clubs and showed us the energy from their early legendary songs hasn’t faded.


The band has performed a very satisfactory repertoar that gave a perfect overview of the astonishing bands career and many of them have became legendary, such as: “Ramona”, “Frida”, “Sexy magazin” and “Ja volim samo sebe”- just to name a few.


It was truly amazing to see literally all generations and especially families with kids enjoying themselves throughout the whole concert, as it would probably be very hard to find one person that doesn’t automatically link some of Psihomodo Pop songs to some very special memories throughout their lives.


The band left us with the impression that probably every single person which had the privilege to be at this concert can only feel satisfied as the band  has emitted and transferred so much positive energy and proved the greatest ones never get old. The only conclusion that could be made is: God save Psihomodo Pop as the energy and forever young rock spirit hasn’t faded one bit, even after all these years.