Bloody good Metal Halloween!



The Tumor Called Marla

Prospective (IT)


Horrible Creatures (CZ)

The band 58 could be considered as party prog metal, with elements and bits and peaces of other genres as well. Their soundtracks are inspired by Tool and Twelve Foot Ninja, which combine jazz and funky elements. Their first single was released under the name “White”. Their live performance has shown maturity, although its a band formed in 2017 they shown valid arguments for keep tracking them.

THE TUMOR CALLED MARLA is an Alternative Modern Metal band from Budapest formed in 2014. Their goal is create a unique, abstract atmosphere with progressive, modern metal & electronic elements and an exciting blend of female/male dual vocalists. After the release of their first EP entitled ‘Trance’ in 2015 by Imminence Records (US), they set up a new line-up and they made their debut LP ‘Limbo City’ released by Hammerworld, Edge Records division. They have played 40+ shows in the past two years touring Hungary, even in Transylvania and in the Czech Republic. They played in Rockmaraton Festival 2019 and have been supporting Jinjer two times in Budapest. They won the “Debut Album of the Year” title at Hungarian Metal Awards 2019 for ‘Limbo City’.

The concert they gave was an unique experience as they offer a dynamic combination of mixture of two vocals in a fun mush up, of genres that create a perfect atmosphere to just let go and enjoy every new song. Apart from a great band name- they have a lot beyond that to offer. We strongly believe this band has very much to offer in the future and we look forward to it!

PROSPECTIVE has earned substantial momentum immediately after the debut record Beyond, making a splash with their melodic guitar work, juxtaposed by a rivetingly heavy delivery and technical flair. Conquering positive feedbacks from top music magazines like Classic Rock, It Djents, Got-Djent and Metalitalia who ranked Beyond ‘Hot Album’ of 2016. Carrying impressive accolades under their belt, Prospective has shared the stage with genre favorites such as The Algorithm, Exist Immortal, Uneven Structure, Betraying The Martyrs, Northlane, Oceans Ate Alaska, Hacktivist, Novelists, LANDMVRKS, Dreamshade. Prospective kicks off 2018 with the premiere of their heavy hit So Far Gone on Kerrang! Radio. Creating a buzz around the new album Unreal which made its debut March 9th at #4 of the iTunes Metal Chart, #13 Rock Chart and #78 Italy’s Top 100 and has by far collected over 250k streams. Prospective embarked on “The Unreal Tour” the same year to promote the album, the tour took Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic. In 2019 the band announces “The Back Home Italian Tour” to reach out to new cities of their country that they never had the chance to play. One week later after the tour’s last stop in their hometown Bologna, the band announced their signing to Long Brach Records and their presence at the very first Euroblast and LBR Summerfest in Cologne, Germany.

Their live performance has indeed surprised us and caught us somewhat unprepared as their skills  and determination into transferring the statement of every each one of their songs overwhelmed us. And in a very positive way.

DREAMGRAVE delivers a genuine blend of symphonic, progressive and neoclassical metal, booted up in September of 2012, Hungary. Featuring female soprano vocals alongside both clean male singing and death metal growls, their music bears influences from acts ranging from Opeth and Paradise Lost to Haken. Released their highly acclaimed first full length album entitled ”Presentiment” in October, 2014 representing a unique sound that marries traditional progressive metal with symphonic, gothic and strong influences from extreme metal. Three years later with “Monuments” the act moves towards a more progressive and masterful territory, with the lines of evolutionary advancement clearly showing. They married some of symphonic stuff like the slow, elongated choral sequences to an almost devilish assembly of prog rock riffs and oblique tempo patterns. Dreamgrave is about dancing on a blade’s edge. Every human being is driven by high hopes and ambitions: the longer one fights for those dreams, for self-definition, pursuing pure happiness, the more fragile they become, their dreams get vulnerable, and at the end even passionate ones able to give up.

Dreamgrave already have faithful followers and can be considered as a band that will find it much deserved place under the Sun in the nearest future. Their concert presented a very wide range of skilful moves and creative bravures that transcended the limitations of space and time. They offered an added value rare ones could predict of expect!

HORRIBLE CREATURES is a Thrash/Death metal quartet from Czech Republic, Karlsbad, started their journey as a small project of guitarist Vladis and drummer Jirgen. After a while they found the singer Frank and bass guitarist Hans and could start to compose music as a full-time band. The first step was to record their first EP called “Depressive Hunt”, with which the band hit the stages, after being closed for almost five years in the rehearsal room. With the EP and more unrecorded songs, Horrible Creatures appeared on many shows in Czech Republic, but also in Germany. The word about their aggressive and energic shows was quickly spread and the band started to grow their fanbase quickly. Followed by more and more invitations on open-air festivals and club shows, everything led to the recording of their debut full- lenght album “Pitfall” which was after first year sold out by 700 pieces and voted as the tenth best album in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Also Horrible Creatures won the people’s choice award during the Spark Fresh Blood competition last year. So far the band shared stages with bands like Soulfly, Deadlock, Lich King, Ultra-Violence, Malignant Tumour, toured with Hentai Corporation and more. Also was invited and played on Rock For People, Metalgate Czech Death Fest, FajtFest, Rock of Sadská, Povaleč and more festivals. The foreign countries hosted their performance for several times. Last time in Slovakia, but also in Poland and many times in Germany, which most of the shows were sold-out.

They were the main stars of the evening and such a treat that I almost felt my heart and soul singing in the rhythm of their divine symphonies. Their visual performance and musical bravures and skills are demonstrating nothing other than a bend that’s ready to be sky orbited and finally presented to a wider audience throughout Europe. We surely look forward to that and are already determined to follow their future accomplishments.

Overall impression was that the whole night was highly successful and gave an mixture of various bands throughout all the genres that could attract many different audience members, but also the picking of the bands was conducted in a way that new fans can get interested  into something they never thought of before. So we can call it a success and a great and a fun night as a perfect conclusion of Halloween fun thought out the town!

Great job and congratulations to organisers, be sure to follow them!