That black metal is livelier and tougher than ever, is shown by more and more concerts with an ever-larger audience that worships this extreme genre. A ceremony in such tones and manners will be held this Thursday (March 9) in the Vintage Industrial Bar, and on that occasion the Siberian black metal twins Grima will perform. Before them, Zagreb’s SitiS will take the stage. These days, they have captured the attention of the media and the local population by announcing their performance at a black metal festival in Kutina. Tickets at a presale price of 15 euros can be purchased at the Dirty Old Shop or through the CoreEvent system, and will cost 17 euros on the day.

20:00 Doors
20:40 SitiS
21:30 Grima

“We are impatiently waiting for the black metal spectacle that Hangtime Agency is organizing for us this Thursday at the Vintage Industrial Bar. We look forward to supporting Grima on their European tour, a quality atmospheric black metal band whose time is yet to come. On this occasion, we have prepared a slightly different set of songs that we will play during our first performance in the aforementioned club. We are SitiS. Stay long.” said the guys from the band before the concert.

The following can be said about SitiS: it’s the last hour to catch these raw and ruthless Zagreb entities by their devilish tails, as they soon descend into the darkness of their black metal dungeon to begin what has already been begun – the recording of new diabolical death-celebration material that will soon be released as split EP with the Slovenian forces SNOGG. From this depraved foursome, one can expect only the blackest and most twisted dissonances that mix with the elements of old school black and thus scathingly create their vision of hypnotic black metal.

According to Google Maps, it is more than 6500 kilometers from Zagreb to Krasnoyarsk. Morbius and Vilhelm, the twins who founded this band in 2014, will overcome at least that much. The whole story started as an exclusively studio project, and they had their first live performance only in 2021. Their sound can be described as atmospheric black metal with folk and pagan elements. They have released five albums so far, while the current “Frostbitten” (2022) will be promoted on this occasion in Vintage. Grima is normally the supreme god who protects those who live in the forest, but punishes all those who do not respect nature. Interestingly, in Spanish, grima means the feeling we get when someone scratches on a blackboard or similar surface with their fingernails or chalk.

ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE WAR IN UKRAINE: The band condemned the Russian aggression against Ukraine and participated in collecting money for the victims of the war, as well as Ukrainian musicians who had to cancel their tours because of this.

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