For the Love of God, Steve Vai will live forever!

Just before the Zagreb concert, STEVE VAI held an interview stating: „I will create as long as my body serves me“- and that is just the part of incredible charisma this musician has to offer. He teaches us all about determination, as we all have dreams, but he is the proof that the saying “Who dares wins” is very much true! Nearly everyone can make their dreams come true, if they focus all their time, energy and determination into realization of their goals.

He also stated: “My father sold his life insurance policy to send me to Berklee” and that fact also proves that the level of determination shows chances of success. There are no half way solutions in life. Vai has always gravitated towards perfection through everything he does, which is not only visible through auditory senses, but also through his performance and famous ventilators he uses to create an impression of soft wind breeze through his hair.

This 63-year-old guitar virtuoso is and will always remain one of the greatest guitarist that ever lived as he moves the limits of previously perceived as possible and has always been an inspiration to numerous generations to start playing and fulfil their dreams.

Usually, I use instrumental music as a background while working, but I have found that ONLY Vai ‘ s compositions are not something you call classical instrumental music. It cannot be a background as the riffs, themes and enormous amount of transitions are insane, the themes are to complex and too distracting to allow anybody to focus on anything else that the rhythm, riffs and melody. His music is not soothing, as that’s not the point music should have, his music and compositions are disturbing, action moving and the ones that make you feel and react! That is the reason I believe Steve Vai creates like an alien, like someone that is out of this world. He can be put into a category or defined, you either: you hear it and feel it or you were born deaf and without full capacity to feel.  

He successfully presented the answers to ancient questions that bother us all: “Why are we here?”, ”What is the meaning of this life?”, ”What is the point of all this suffering?”. We all must answer all of those by ourselves, but a clear path Vai showed was the ultimate answer: enjoy this moment, make the best of it and never stop chasing your dreams!

Steve Vai, three-time Grammy winner, is a legend by itself and we could write books and film movies about his very rich career and thankfully, after recovering from 2 shoulder operations he returned to  best form and stamina needed to held this tour. And much more than that, he created a whole new style and approach to music and guitar playing, never ever seen in history before up to this point. After all this troubles and temptations Vai decided to go on tour named “Inviolate Tour” and indeed, he has proved to be invincible!

On this tour Vai presented the three-headed beast: Hydra, created in collaboration with Ibanez. Once again proving that he crosses the boundaries of instrumental music as he has invented a new type of guitar with three necks, but also a way of playing it!

New venue has been set for the concert in Zagreb (Dom Sportova), as the first venue was sold out instantly. His performance enthused, inspired and lifted up the audience into ecstasy.

The concert lasted for 2 hours and included 24 songs, one coming down into the audience, which was greeted euphorically by the fans and one extraordinary and magnificent vocal set from the technician of the band. The setlist included the most loved songs: “For the Love of God”, “Tender Surrender” and “Bad Horsie” and we believe not a living soul left the concert unsatisfied and with that extra special feeling of “my soul is filled tonight” 🙂