RUNDEK I EKIPA “IZBLIZA” – 6 concerts: KSET, Zagreb, 28.11. – 8.12.2022
Nov 28 – Dec 8 all-day
RUNDEK I EKIPA "IZBLIZA" - 6 concerts: KSET, Zagreb, 28.11. – 8.12.2022



Update: SOLD OUT!

6 concerts in the smallest capacity that the band has played in many years.

Only 240 tickets per day.

Monday 28.11.

Tuesday 29.11.

Wednesday 30.11.

Thursday 01.12. – sold out

Sunday 04.12. – sold out

Thursday 08.12.

Intimate evenings at KSET, celebration of 20 years of the Ruke album; old classics, new songs, all together in 6 concerts.

Tickets are on sale:

HRK 140.

Concerts were also announced by Darko:

“There are some things that can be shared/exchanged/experienced together, just up close. They are invisible on the big stage, you cannot feel them through speakers and screens. In KSET, we are close enough for that.

In this time of manipulation and anxiety, we need trust, play and celebration.

As this year we are celebrating Ruk’s 20th birthday, we will give more space to the songs from that album.


GROZA, Isolert, Klub Močvara, Zagreb, 3.12.2022
Dec 3 all-day
GROZA, Isolert, Klub Močvara, Zagreb, 3.12.2022



German black metallers Groza are returning to Croatia, and before them Greek black metallers Isolert will perform. The place of the solemn gathering is Močvara, and the date to be marked in the calendar is 3.12. (Saturday). Early bird tickets at the price of HRK 80 can be purchased at the Dirty Old Shop until October 20!

Groza was created in 2016 in the Bavarian town of Mühldorf am Inn as a solo project. Better connoisseurs of black metal opportunities and the world will immediately associate this name with Mgla’s first studio album from 2008, and founder P.G. he does not hide the great influence of these Poles on his musical expression. After two years of P.G. gathered the band around him and soon after that their debut album “Unified in Void” was released by AOP Records. Three years later, they released the album “The Redemptive End” for the same publishing house, which they will promote on this occasion in Močvara. Fans of bands such as the aforementioned Mgla, Uada or Geara will certainly sympathize with these Germans who are slowly but surely building their name in the world of black metal.

Band members are P.G. on vocals and guitar, as well as his fellow U.A., M.S. is on bass, while T.H.Z plays drums.




Isolert is a Greek black metal band formed in Volos in the summer of God 2015. They say they are more Scandinavian than Greek school of black metal, and subtle and gentler black metal ears will surely recognize the influence of Dissection, Gorgoroth or Tribulation. They released their first demo “Isolated Soul” in 2015, after which they released the album “No Hope, No Light… Only Death” (2016), the EP “Isolert” (2017), a split with fellow countrymen from the band Insanity Cult “Towards the Great Dissolution” (2017), a 20-minute collaboration with Human Serpent “Everything Dies”. The series of their releases is completed by the album from 2020 “World in Ruins”, which they will promote on this occasion in Močvara. The band members are Nick S. (drums, vocals), Panagiotis T. (vocals), Apostolos G. (bass) and George S. (guitar).





See you on Saturday, December 3. in the Močvara!


BRYAN ADAMS, Dvorana Stožice, Ljubljana, 4.12.2022
Dec 4 all-day
BRYAN ADAMS, Dvorana Stožice, Ljubljana, 4.12.2022

Dear Bryan Adams fans!

We are “SO HAPPY IT HURTS”, so we can announce a new concert date:


Already purchased tickets are valid for the new date. If the new date does not suit you, you can enter tickets from 22.02. until 08.03. 2022, return it to the point of sale where you bought it and you will be refunded the purchase price. Online buyers contact

We invite all customers to keep their tickets for the alternate date and thereby support the future of concert events in Slovenia!


The legendary Canadian musician BRYAN ADAMS, winner of several Grammy awards, is returning to Slovenia as part of his new tour, where he will perform in the Stožice hall on 04.12.2022. Already purchased tickets are valid for the new date

ZEAL & ARDOR, Močvara, Zagreb, 14.12.2022
Dec 14 all-day
ZEAL & ARDOR, Močvara, Zagreb, 14.12.2022

TUESDAY, 13.12.2022.
The Swiss-American avant-garde band Zeal & Ardor is coming to Zagreb club Močvara on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.
Zeal & Ardor combine black metal, activism and ritual and historical elements in a new format, and they present everything through powerful concerts. What began as a solo project of acclaimed Swiss-American musician and vocalist Manuel Gagneux has grown into a multi-member band.
They gained attention with their album “Devil Is Fine” and their eclectic sound that combines African-American music and black metal, and Rolling Stone included it in the list of the best metal records of 2016, after which the band also performed as an opening act for Prophets Of Rage and Marilyn Manson. The successor to “Stranger Fruit” once again showed the diversity of the band that included blues rock and soul on the album, showing how they are constantly evolving in their metal sound, while the “Wake of Nation” EP talks about the social unrest in America.
The latest album “Zeal & Ardor” breaks the boundaries between reality and dreams in a burst of noise in a world destroyed by technology. The media is praising the new album, Metal Hammer classified it as one of the best metal albums of the year so far, and Kerrang says that this is one of the band’s fiercest albums that resonates with the exploration of the dark corners of the human past.
Tickets go on sale on Friday, June 17 from 10:00 a.m. for HRK 100. This price will be valid until July 31, after which it will rise to HRK 120, and on the day of the concert, HRK 140 will need to be allocated for the ticket.
The sales points are Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark and all points of sale of the Eventim system and online at

JELENA ROZGA, Arena, Zagreb, 17.12.2022
Dec 17 all-day
JELENA ROZGA, Arena, Zagreb, 17.12.2022

Jelena Rozga live on 17/12 in Arena Zagreb, starting at 8 pm! Tickets on sale:

HENRY ROLLINS, Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb, 9.2.2023.
Feb 9 all-day
HENRY ROLLINS, Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb, 9.2.2023.

Henry Rollins
Good To See You tour
Culture Factory Zagreb
Wednesday, February 8, 2023.
The icon of the independent scene and one of the most respected figures of American alternative music, the legendary Henry Rollins, is coming to Zagreb as part of his spoken word tour “Good To See You”, at Tvornica kulture on February 8, 2023.
Best known musically as a member of Black Flag and the Rollins Band, but equally respected as a writer, actor and spoken word artist, Rollins has more than 30 books under his belt, a slew of albums, films, music DVD releases and shows that he has edited and hosted. He is the winner of the Grammy in the “Best Spoken Word Album” category, as well as the Journalist Award of Southern California, and for the last decade he has performed mostly live with his spoken word concept, which fills theaters and concert halls around the world.
Many labels are used to describe Rollins, from comedian, provocateur, to punk rock icon, actor, motivational speaker and author.
In Zagreb, he will perform in the Culture Factory specially adapted for the occasion, in a limited capacity with only 500 available seats.
Tickets at a price of HRK 230 (EUR 30.54) go on sale on Thursday, November 3 at 10:00 a.m. If there are any left, the price will be HRK 260 (EUR 34.52) on the day of the performance.
Sales points are Dirty old shop, Rockmark, all Eventim’s physical sales points and online at

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, JINJER, Atreyu, Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb, 11.2.2023
Feb 11 all-day
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, JINJER, Atreyu, Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb, 11.2.2023

SATURDAY, 11.02.2023.
Metal veterans Bullet For My Valentine are returning to Zagreb, and they will arrive at Tvornica kulture on Saturday, February 11, 2023, accompanied by the bands Jinjer and Atreyu.
After the postponed performance in February 2022, the new date brings a real metal celebration, and everyone who didn’t return their tickets can enter this big concert with them.
Since bursting onto the scene in 1998, the Welsh metal legends have become one of the genre’s biggest bands. Bullet For My Valentine have sold over 3 million albums in their almost 25-year career, including three gold editions, and are considered pioneers of the modern British metal core sound, which they defined in a way with their classic album “The Poison”. What’s more, they are the only island group to have won the “Best British Band” award three times at the Kerrang magazine awards!
The new studio album is named after the band itself, and it is probably the strongest and fiercest release in their catalog announced by the excellent single “Knives”. The new album was succeeded by “Gravity” from 2018, after which the band went to concerts in arenas and the most famous halls such as London’s Alexandra Palace. This time they return to the basics, with solos and riffs that will delight new and old fans, and as part of the big world tour on the occasion of the new album, BFMV will visit Croatia. The concert in Boćarski dom will be their first in Zagreb after four years.

The media unanimously praise the new album. Kerrang calls it the fiercest yet, and says that BFMV is firing all guns blazing and the album sounds huge. Sonic Perspectives says it’s the album’s stunning heaviness that draws you in and makes it interesting. The Rock Pit says that the impressive album full of heavy riffs and solos perfectly fits the times we live in, Crypticrock praises the technical skills and composition of the album that is exciting and intriguing, while New Noise Magazine says that the album is an incredible work that is definitely worthy of the name “Bullet For My Valentine.”

They are joined by a Ukrainian metal hurricane called Jinjer, who return to Zagreb three years after, after the record-breaking sold-out KSET and great interest, they sold out the large plant of Tvornica kulture. The four-member metalcore band became a sensation around which the dust is rising after the third album “King of Everything”, after which they ended up on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart. The albums “Macro” and the successor “Wallflowers” were declared by Loudwire as one of the best metal albums, and the great vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk with her abilities perfectly complements the music in which they experiment with groove metal, even funk and reggae.
Four-piece metal punk rock band Atreyu from California joins the lineup for the night. With eight albums, they regularly ended up on the Billboard album charts, they went on numerous world tours, and in their list of collaborations they already include performances with BFMV, as well as those with Slipknot, or Travis Barker from Blink182.
All tickets for the postponed BFMV concert from February 2022 are also valid for the new date and concerts.
Advance sale HRK 220
On the day of the concert HRK 250
The sales points are Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark and Aquarius in Zagreb, Dallas Music Shop in Rijeka, and all points of sale of the Eventim system.

TARJA, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 3.3.2023
Mar 3 all-day
TARJA, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 3.3.2023

Unfortunately, due to the Corona epidemic, the show is postponed to 3.3. 2023. Already bought tickets will be valid for the new date.
On March 3, 2023, Tarja returns to Ljubljana after a long time!
Tickets are already available via On Parole and Mojekarta (at the link below), when the “Corona outbreak” subsides, they will also be available in the Big Nose store on Kolodvorska in Ljubljana and in the Orto bar!
Tickets already available through On Parole and Mojekarte on the link below.

The return of the elven voice
Given that we live in really dynamic times, March 3, 2023 (!) will be right here. And with him, the one and only Tarja Turunen will come to our region.
As you already know, the Finnish woman with a powerful voice became famous in the band Nightwish, with whom she recorded several classic symphonic metal records. But after the rather gloomy circumstances that occurred when she left the band, Finka did not give up, but continued her solo career, during which she recorded 8 incredible records – her last and currently current record was released last year through the earMusic label, but it is said her In The Raw.
Well, ”in the flesh”, if we can put it that way, you will see Tarja Turunen on March 5 next year at Kino Šiška, where she will show why many consider her the first lady of the world symphonic metal scene.

JON LORD’S Concerto For Group And Orchestra featuring BRUCE DICKINSON, KC Dražen Petrović, Zagreb, 24.3.2023
Mar 24 all-day
JON LORD’S Concerto For Group And Orchestra featuring BRUCE DICKINSON, KC Dražen Petrović, Zagreb, 24.3.2023

Bruce Dickinson will perform the Deep Purple repertoire with Jon Lord’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra!

First announcement:

Jon Lord’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra tour of rock icons who play Deep Purple has announced a tour that includes Zagreb on March 24, and among the special guests, Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, stands out.
More details coming soon!

KATAKLYSM, SOILWORK, Boogaloo, Zagreb, 22.04.2023
Apr 22 all-day
KATAKLYSM, SOILWORK, Boogaloo, Zagreb, 22.04.2023

Metal giants Kataklysm and Soilwork are coming to Boogaloo!
On Earth Day, a big metal treat at Boogaloo: the legendary Soilwork
premiering in Croatia, the favorites of the local audience Kataklysm are returning after 11
years, and with them on tour are the awkward guys from the USA, Wilderun! Limited
contingent early bird tickets at a price of 23 euros can be purchased until December 1 or
until stocks last in the Dirty Old Shop, after that the price will be 27 euros, and at the entrance if they remain, they will cost 31 euros. You should put Saturday, April 22, 2023 in your calendar for this metal spectacle!
Kataklysm have performed several times in Croatia and it can rightly be said that they are their local fans they love a lot, and in general, as a band, they are known for a very cordial relationship with everyone who follows their work of this band. They were founded back in 1992 in Montreal, Canada, and have been around for 30 years became one of the most significant representatives of extreme/melodic death metal in the world.
So far, they have released 14 albums, and they will present the latest Unconquered to the Zagreb audience at this concert.

Soilwork is one of the most popular melodic death metal bands in the world, and they are coming of course from the country that can be considered a synonym for this genre, Sweden. They were founded 1995 in Helsingborg under the then name Inferior Breed, but they took the current name a year later. In their very rich and impressive career, they have released 12 albums, of which they are some true classics of the genre, and the last of them, Övergivenheten, was released in August 2022 and will promote it in Boogaloo on this occasion.

Wilderun is an American prog/folk/orchestral metal band that was founded in 2008 in Boston, but in the true sense, active since 2012. So far they have released four albums, and “Epigone” which is light day saw this year has a great reception from the audience and critics, for example the legendary Angry Metal Guy rated it 5/5!

Fb event: