TAAKE, KAMPFAR, NECROWRETCH, Viper Room Wien, 22.03.2020.

March 22, 2020 all-day

The Black Metal Package of the Year is coming:

Taake and Kampfar announce the NORTHERN ALLIANCE 2020 tour!

Nattestid, Bjoergvin or Noregs Vapen – not many bands can look back on a similar discography and only 3 out of 7 absolute masterpieces were mentioned here.

Kampfar came back loudly at the beginning of the now ending year with “Ofidians Manifest”. Finally live in Vienna!

Death / Black Metal from France: Necrowretch will open the evening!

The last concert of Taake was sold out, please don’t wait too long if you want to be there for this concert.

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