THE MISSION, Boogaloo, Zagreb, 1.04.2020.

April 1, 2020 all-day


After 12 years, the legends of dark rock come back to Zagreb in an almost original line-up where, in addition to frontman Wayne Hussy, there are original bassist Craig Adams and original guitarist Simmon Hinkler! For Hinkler, this will be the first visit to Croatia with The Mission, so it will be a real treat for The Mission fans, because this lineup recorded all the best The Mission albums and marked their best period. Unfortunately, because of his poor health, the original drummer Mick Brown could not be joined, so he also has an excellent drummer, Mike Kelly, who has been playing at The Mission since 2011.
Legends of Gothic Rock, the British band The Mission was founded in 1986 by Wayne Hussy and Craig Adams after leaving The Sisters Of Mercy. Already with their first single, “Garden Of Delight”, they have gained goths and audiences, and with each of their next releases, they are growing closer to the top spots on the charts. The same year, The Mission signed for the big company Mercury and released their first album “Gods Own Medicine”, from which the singles “Stay With Me” and “Wasteland” were removed, the album became a classic of Gothic rock, and The Mission became increasingly popular. The following is a compilation of early singles released for the independent label “First Chapter” licensed in Yugoslavia by the RTB disco band, with which The Mission consolidates its position and becomes the largest Gothic rock band in the world right now, thanks in no time to The Sisters Of Mercy. In 1988 with the single “Tower Of Strenght”, which was removed from the next album “Children”, The Mission reached the top of the official charts and played the first major world tour as part of a great concert in front of tens of thousands of people in the sold out Ljubljana the great hall of Hali Tivoli. Following is another successful album, “Carved In Sand”, from which two more big hits “Butterfly On The Weel” and “Deliverence” have been removed. As part of their 1990 tour of The Mission, they also came to Zagreb for the first time, where they performed in the Sports Hall. The following is the album “Mask” (1992) from which the single “Never Again” was removed and with which The Mission departed from its primary gothic rock sound, which automatically resulted in the album’s poor performance. With the next album “Neverland” (1995), The Mission returns to the guitar sound, but even though the album is at the level of their first releases since it was released for their own label, that album does not pass, and The Mission decide to take a longer break. In 2001, The Mission returned in great style with the excellent new album “Aura” and the hit single “Evangeline” which closely resembles the wounds of The Sisters Of Mercy. Following is a tour as part of their return to Zagreb and a great concert at the Tvornica Kulture hall. 2007 The Mission releases their eighth studio album, “God Is A Bullet,” which has not seen much success. As part of the promotional tour of 2008, The Mission is visiting Zagreb for the third time, where they hold a great concert at the Boogaloo Club in Zagreb. 2013 “The Brighes Light” is released, with original guitarist Simmon Hinkler returning to the band and returning to The Mission with his distinctive guitar sound.
In 2016, The Mission released their eleventh studio album, Another Fall from Grace, meaningfully bringing back the sound of the earlier The Missison and even The Sisters Of Mercy from the “First Amd Last And Always” phase, in which Wayne and The Sisters Of Mercy played Craig I authored most of the songs on that album. On that album Wayne returns to his distinctive twelve-string guitar and guestes on the album with prestigious musicians like Martin Gore from Depeche Mode, Villa Valo from Him, Gary Numan, Julianne Regan from All About Eve,…. The single “Met-Amor-Phosis”, hosted by Ville Valo, was a huge success for both critics and audiences, and was named the best The Mission album after “Curved In Sand” and a return to the old sound everyone welcomed. So we can be sure that this tour will be one of the most exciting after 1988 when The Mission was at its peak, and true fans will finally get to see Wayne Hussy, Craig Adam and Simmon Hinkler together on stage! If you’ve ever been a The Mission fan you shouldn’t miss it!
The beginning of the concert is announced in 20 hours, with the ticket price being 160 kn in advance and 180 kn in the day of the concert.

Tickets: ZAGREB: Boogaloo Caffe Bar (weekdays 10am – 4pm), Vukovar Street 68, Rockmark – Berislaviceva 13, Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18, Kloto – Masarykova 14, Octopus Piercing & Tatto – Gunduliceva 31, DALLAS MUSIC SHOP RIJEKA – Splitska 2a. Eventim system –, Entrio system –