VADER, Močvara, Zagreb, 20.03.2020.

March 20, 2020 all-day

The Hangtime Agency and Subsonic Events are proud to present VADER! After almost five years, these Polish death metal legends are returning to Zagreb which will be their only concert in the region! On this occasion they play things with only three legendary editions: De Profundis, Litany and Art of War! They will be preceded by Defiled (Japan), Chronosphere (Greece) and Fallcie (Russia). Make a note of yourself on Friday, March 20, 2020 in the Place of the Swamp! Tickets can be purchased at Dirty Old Shop for 120/140/170 kuna or order online at

Vader is a Polish death metal band founded in 1983 in Olsztyn. They started out as a heavy metal band, then switched to thrash sound and eventually evolved to the death metal they’ve been true to for over 30 years. The name, of course, comes from Darth Vader, and their lyric songs are inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, WWII and horror as a genre. The band members include Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek (lead guitar, vocals), Marek “Spider” Pająk (rhythm guitars), Tomasz “Hal” Halicki (bass) and Briton James Stewart (drums). The band has released 11 albums so far, with the most recent release being the May 2019 EP “Thy Messenger”.